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Amor ordinem nescit

Love does not know order

4 February 1987


I hate: Dieting
I love: Eating
I used to love: Nick Carter
My Smell: Calvin Klein's Truth
My Colour: Blue
My TV at the mo: Game of Thrones, Homeland
My Car: Pierre, the silver Peugeot 206.
My Song: Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye
My Film of the Week: The Hunger Games
My Heroes: Eric Cartman, George Orwell, Caitlin Moran
My Worst Film Ever: Cats and Dogs
My Comedy: Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, just starting on HIMYM
My Current Book: A Clash of Kings - George R. R. Martin
My Hair: Straight, longish, mousy-blondeish-brown.
My Body: Working on it.
My Height: 5'5" on a good day
My best bit: Eyes/lips
My worst bit: Utter laziness

Me in a nutshell.

Info last updated: 03/04/2012


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Dislikes:41: alarm clocks, anti-potter, bad grammar, being fat, being poor, bitches, bitchy faces, body odour, born slippy,boys being pricks, bullies, chavs, close-mindedness, cross country running, emo teens, excess of hair, fish-out-of-water movies with hilary-amanda-lindsey olsen, fuckwits in cinemas, homophobia, idiots, ignorance, itches, malorie blackman, militant shippers, my body image, not knowing things, nothing on tv, organised religion, people who can't argue properly, people who dawdle on busy streets, pettiness, positive discrimination, ppl hu typ li3k dis, racism, rudeness, snorers, spoilsports, squealy girls, that peugeot 206 advert, townies, underworld, vandalism, wankers
1984, acting, alcohol, antm, apollo, artfully crying men, aston martins, baths, battlestar galactica, beds, ben & jerry's, books, boys, british comedy, bsg, candles, cardiff, chicken salad sandwiches, chocolate, cinema, clive owen, clouds, comedy, corsets, cuddles, cynicism, dancing, david tennant, derren brown, dirty dancing, disney, doctor who, dolphins, draco malfoy, drama, dreaming, dreams, drinking, dvds, elijah wood, elvish, eminem, england, ewan mcgregor, eyes, fajitas, falling in love, family guy, films, food, friends, fruit, fun, george orwell, going out, grapes, grease, harry potter, hills, hugging, hugh fearnley-whittingstall, hugh jackman, hugs, ianto jones, ice cream, intelligence, janto, kids of the 80's, kisses, laughing, lee adama, libraries, lips, london, long chats, lord of the rings, love, love songs, madness, margaritas, men, michael j fox, michael palin, mighty boosh, monkey dust, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, never mind the buzzcocks, nigella lawson, orlando bloom, parties, paul bettany, peaches, poetry, procrastinating, pulp fiction, qi, raspberries, reading, red dwarf, richard hammond, robin williams, rollercoasters, romeo and juliet, sarcasm, scrubs, sex, shakespeare, shopping, singing, sleeping, smoothies, snow, snuggling, stand-up comedy, stephen fry, strawberries, summer, sunshine, swimming, talking, tarantino, the colour blue, the office, theatre, top gear, torchwood, tragedy, tulips, vodka, wales, walking, watching movies, water, wishes, witty men, women, writing, yorkshire pudding